Miracles: Seeing The Universe From A New Level Of Consciousness

From the Soul 
to the World: The Miracle of ExchangeGenerally, people consider life to be a natural phenomenon in which one profits without giving anything in exchange. But the miracle requires an exchange: what we were given, we must share with others. If we are not united, we cannot grasp the miracle.

Why Generosity Is Good For Your Health

Why Generosity Is Good For Your Health?Every day, we are confronted with choices about how to spend our money. Whether it’s thinking about picking up the tab at a group lunch or when a charity calls asking for a donation, we are faced with the decision to behave generously or not.

Remembering To Say Thank You Is More Important Than You Think

Remembering To Say Thank YouYou might think that people know you are grateful, so you don’t have to share it. But remember that expressing your gratitude is a special gift for you as well. I feel very far from perfect in remembering to say thank you, and yet it has become something that is very important to me...

Appreciating The Connection to a Hummingbird and All Life

Appreciating Our Connection to All LifeHolding the hummingbird was a gift. It was an awesome privilege to be given thirty unforgettable minutes when time stood still and I held the most exquisite creature in my hands, felt its warmth, and marveled at its magnificence.

Gåvor av Cash: Det bästa sättet att bygga liv för katastrofoffer?

Gåvor av kontanta medel kan bästa sättet att återuppbygga liv för katastrofofferFörra veckan Toby Porter, VD för NGO HelpAge, gick till Nepal för att träffa personer som återhämtar sig från jordbävningar som har förstört landet. Han frågade dem en intressant fråga: skulle du hellre köpa vi dig saker du behöver, eller vill du hellre ger vi dig bara pengar?

A New Way to Receive Appreciation: Can You Handle It?

A New Way to Receive Appreciation: Can You Handle It?There are two different types of acknowledgment. There are compliments which are more superficial and then there are deeper appreciations that involve your character and inner qualities. How do you handle acknowledgment from others?

Seeing The Whole Picture and The Infinity of Tiny Gratitudes

Learning To See The Whole Picture and The Infinity of Tiny GratitudesFeeling deep gratitude is wonderfully addictive; the more we do it, the more we vill to do it, and so we begin looking even more deeply to reflect on things for which we’re grateful. I first learned about the amazing power of gratitude during a time when my financial situation was quite bleak...

The Attitude of Service: How To Brighten Up the World

The Attitude of Service: How To Brighten Up the WorldDespite what Madison Avenue would like us to believe, that vacation to the Riviera, that Chrysler PT Cruiser, that anti-aging cream is not the secret to happiness. There's only one thing that unlocks the door to true peace of mind. Serving a purpose bigger than...

Appreciation and Being of Service Contribute To Evolutionary Shift

Appreciation & Being of Service Contribute To An Evolutionary ShiftWhen we recognize the impact we have, purely by being responsible for our state of mind – and how that affects the electromagnetic field that surrounds us, we realize that every moment sets in motion an incremental modification of such import that its trajectory could create a global shift in consciousness.